Final: Fearless Wall

Grady Newberg

The Fearless Wall is a prop used to focus on improving and mastering the art of perfectly balanced headstands/handstands. When attempting to learn these poses, most people will start by performing these poses against a wall for support. The difficult part once the user is able to do the pose is attempting to do the pose as it is supposed to be done without any support at all. This was the inspiration for the Fearless Wall: creating a device that would help teach people how to accomplish a headstand/handstand without wall support.

The Fearless Wall is designed to gradually help the user become more and more comfortable balancing their own bodyweight in an impressively difficult position by not needing the support of a wall for the pose. The Fearless Wall does this by giving an amount of resistance required for the user to be able to hold the pose. For example, if the user has trouble balancing in a headstand, the Fearless Wall will give a lot of resistace, acting somewhat like an ordinary wall so the user does not fall over. However, if the user is skilled in ballancing upside-down, the Fearless Wall gives little resistance, meaning if the user bumps into the wall, it will bend depending on the amount of resistance to which the user sets it. This flexible mechanism allows the user to be able to gradually teach themselves to position their bodies in the pose without much help from a wall, until finally they are able to get into the headstand/handstand without the assistance of any prop.