Lizzie Beer

100% Printed is a parallel between the way we think about food today and the way we will think about food in the future. The video starts by depicting a restaurant that heats up frozen pizza replete with chemicals for its customers. Then, we see the same scene in the future, but instead of frozen, preserved pizza, the restaurant serves its food from a 3D printer. The video ends with four customers each taking a slice of their fresh, 3D printed pizza. 

Three main ideas were utilized in the making of this video: seductive and misleading advertising, the trouble with factory foods, and one possible way that 3D printing can fix our broken food system. The advertising component gets tackled through our "authentic" restaurant and the factory system is debunked in our factory scene. 3D printing becomes introduced about halfway through the video to show how a restaurant can control the ingredients of a food, make that food fresh in a short amount of time, and do so with the precision of a computer.