Marla Perelmuter

The Yoga Spider is a stable structure for yoga that can be utilized but not only one person but a whole class. It is a free standing unit that has a great amount of spots to stretch and add attachments. With a ring on top, the two rings placed around the legs, and feet attached to the bottom this final model is extremely secure. It was imperative that our final design was as steady as possibly because when used to it's fullest potential this stucture would have to hold the full weight of one (or more) people. We also added as many circles possible throughout the structure to ensure enough options of places where bands, ropes, handles etc. could be tied. The legs and rings are also spaced at an approprotate distance from each other so that when the attachments are tied on you can utilize all areas of the structure (inside and out). The bottom ring is also placed in a perfect spot to place your legs. We also have enough spots to tie attachents for a whole yoga class to have a band tied to the outer edge. If built to full scale this would be 7 feet tall. Another great aspect of the yoga spider is that is is easy to store. Not only can you keep this in a studio as it is, but all the pieces are able to easily detach frm one another and can be stored in a closet or rested against a wall. Overall, this Yoga Spider is very useful and would be great to have while doing yoga!