Don Purvis, CETL

Problem:  The issue that we are working on is for people who are disabled and lack the dexterity to change eyeglasses for up close reading versus distance.   With many disabilities, they may lack the ability to physically change glasses and typical bifocals may require postures that are difficult to maintain to read items that are not significantly below head level.   A particular issue is for those who view computers.  


Solution:   We developed a pair of glasses with two sets of lenses that can be flipped by the person moving their head.   This allows them to see at reading distances without affecting their posture.   A second movement of the head allows the person to flip the lenses back out of place.  



Iterations:  We started working on Diabetes as our disability for our project.   However, after feedback, we changed to working on glasses that flip from distance to close distance for those who are disabled. 


Second iteration:  Based on feedback, we changed the location of the servos to be within the frames. 


Third iteration:  We made several changes to the sizing of the 3D printed connectors.