Irene McLaughlin-Alves and 2 OthersJack Mullen
Olivia Dobkin

We wanted to create a film that would not only bring awareness to the issue of depression but would help people that don't have depression better understand those that do.  This is a subject Jack had wanted to address previously, when we were partnered as a group,  we all decided to move forward with the idea. 

Our goal was to stay away from the cliche teen angsty film but we weren't exactly sure what direction to take. We thought about it a lot,  wrote different forms poetry to create a narrative for the background and shot a large variety of film footage. In the end, we combined different elements we each had written to create "Since Day One". 

Before we began creating the final film, we made our process film to get comfortable with the technology and software we would use to create the film. For the final cut, we recorded Jack reading the poem.  Jack also wrote and recorded the music for the background.  One of the challenges was the volume of audio and video editing. 

We feel that we met our goal and kept the film from the teenage angst point of view. This film will allow those listening and watching to have a glimpse into the pain and sadness of depression and how it affects people.  We wanted to make an abstract piece that would have an impact on the way people view depression. Everything came together and we feel  we delivered a tone that fits the subject and what we hoped to create.