Irene McLaughlin-Alves and Julia Szabo
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We explored street art the first week of this studio. We wanted to make something political and decided to make posters we would put up with wheat paste. Our focus was on Latinos and problems they face. We eventually also concentrated on Trump's hate and his racism and prejudice towards Latinos.  We made initial sketches and also used Photoshop to design our posters. We landed on the name "Mistaken" because it expressed the aspect of all of Trump's lies and false misconceptions towards Latinos. We made a lot of iterations and made a lot of changes through the whole project until we got the design we wanted. 

We went around the neighborhood and put up our posters with wheat paste. We went to Graffiti Alley but also just random places in the public space. We incorporated a Trump quote criticizing Latinos, "They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're bringing rapists". We also put the hashtag "LatinosTrumphate" on each poster too for the word play on Trump. We wanted to expose Trump's hate.