Magical Staircase

Andrew Todd Marcus and 3 OthersGrace MacPherson
Jay Weiss-Curry
Jakob Sperry
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The problem we aimed to solve was that stairs, even though are healthier thab elevators, are often neglected for their counterparts since they are so boring and inefficient. Since there is no way to make them more efficient without taking away the health benefits, we decided to make them more appealing to the audience by turning it into an interactive art instillation piece. 

Our piece worked by using hidden pressure senosors, which would trigger the animation of a flower blooming under your foot, this way, it creates a beautiful trail as you walk and make using the stairs into a fun experiance, rather then what it is today. But the benefit of how our project is assembled is that you can change the pictures and create a new animation, changing the audience range and subsequently creating something that could be used for all ages. 

The program we used to create the animations was called after effects. It's created by Adobe and makes animating easy and simple. Then, we used processing for the code, since it is the program best fit for this work. Arduino was used to take the information from the pressure sensors and finally, we used Rhino to plan out what we were to laser cut.