If you are between the ages of 13 to 18, self-motivated, inquisitive about the world around you and interested in collaborating to solve meaningful problems, then you may be a good fit for NuVu.

We have a 4-step admissions process that’s structured to help you learn more about NuVu and decide whether you’ll thrive in our dynamic and creative environment.

Step 1 Inquiry

Contact Karen Sutton, NuVu’s Director of Operations, by email at ksutton@nuvustudio.org or by phone at (617) 945-7716. A follow-up Zoom or phone call with the prospective family will be promptly arranged.

Step 2 Meeting: Get to Know NuVu

In response to all inquiries, an introductory meeting is scheduled with all prospective families. Interested parents and students meet with Karen Sutton for 30-60 minutes. These meetings cover general information about NuVu and our unique and diverse school curriculum and culture.

Step 3 Interview: Get to Know the Student

This meeting with the prospective student and parent is an opportunity to fully understand why there is an interest in enrollment, discuss the level of creativity and passions of the student, and share any achievements, projects or activities that reflect the students’ interests. The interview also provides a deeper dive into NuVu studio themes and curriculum by including additional NuVu faculty. At least one parent or guardian should accompany the applicant, but occasionally the interviews may be conducted separately.

Step 4 Apply + Notification

Required application forms are sent to the candidate following the interview. Once the forms have been received, a formal letter of acceptance or rejection is sent to the family.

Tuition & Financial Aid

There are many ways to afford NuVu, including financial aid and scholarships. Our goal is for every qualified and motivated applicant to have the opportunity to consider attending NuVu, and we work closely with each family to try to achieve that goal.
Applicants may be awarded tuition assistance based on family need and availability of financial aid funds. Applications are reviewed monthly with determination made generally within 2-3 weeks of receipt. All information in this application is confidential.

Tuition for 2022-23 School Year

$42,750 Full year
$21,375 Semester
$15,000 Trimester
Students may choose to enroll in a 12-week trimester, 18-week semester, or full-year. Tuition is an all-inclusive amount which includes expert coaching, individualized academic advising and support, as well as custom maker kits for all studios. Students will collaborate with peers, be supported by NuVu faculty, and have full access to the NuVu online learning management system, NuFolio.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is awarded to students based on both the student's merit and their family's financial need. About 33% of our independent families receive a level of aid each year. The Financial Aid process is separate from the Admission process and the Financial Aid application must be re-submitted each year. Financial aid considerations do not influence admission decisions in any way.
Although NuVu does expect that families will consider all available resources before requesting tuition assistance, we recognize that affordability is an important issue and work with each individual family carefully and thoughtfully.

Contact Karen Sutton (ksutton@nuvustudio.org) for more information.
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