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Innovation Camp 2019 - Session 1 - Studio

by Nakeia Medcalf, James Addison, Chris Perry...

Fellows Training Week 2019

by Keenan Gray, Nakeia Medcalf, Nadine Zaza...

Kelvinside PD

by Ian Munro, David Miller, James Addison

Animalia Wearables SPJ

by James Addison

Cyborg Enhancements S2Z

by James Addison

Scotland Finale

by James Addison, Jiyoo Jye, Luis Carbajal

Cyborg Enhancements S2Y

by James Addison

Unveiling the Unseen S2X

by James Addison

Unveiling the Unseen S2W

by James Addison

W18 Fellows Summit

by Rima Das, Aaron Laniosz, Dyani Robarge...

Design Fundamentals

by Rebecca Starks, Jiyoo Jye, James Addison

Winter 2018 Skills Week

by Rhea Shah, James Addison, Tim Robertson...

Open Innovation Fall 2018

by Rebecca Starks, Tiandra Ray, Rhea Shah...

Stories On Display

by Rebecca Starks, Keenan Gray, James Addison...


by Rebecca Starks, Keenan Gray, James Addison

Designing Meaning

by Rebecca Starks, James Addison


by Emily Glass, James Addison, Rachel Dickey

2018-2019 Team

by David Wang, Tiandra Ray, Tim Robertson...

Summer 2018 Training

by David Wang, Rosa Weinberg, Tim Robertson...

Innovation Camp 2018 - Session 1 - Studio

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Chris Perry, Max Vanatta...

NuVuX Fellow Training - Summer 2018

by Isabel Oyuela-Bonzani, Rima Das, Tiandra Ray...

Unveiling the Unseen

by Rebecca Starks, Ray Majewski, James Addison...

Waking the City

by Tschol Slade, James Addison, Ray Majewski...

Advanced Arduino

by Tim Robertson, Aaron Laniosz, James Addison...

Soft Robotics 2018

by Eli Krieger, James Brink, Diana Yan...


by Graham Galts, James Morse, Grace Cassels...

Battlebotics (Session 1)

by Joseph Cybul, Rima Das, James Addison...


by Jewel Lin, Natasha Jones, Alana Press...