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  • YAY! cloud kingdom is done and the cloud creatures are in the cloud world!

  • I worked really hard on these fire and coal creatures.  I drew sketches of them first and then took pictures of them and got them into the computer.  Then I used photoshop to color them in and add flames to one of them to change it from a coal creature to a fire creature.

  • After deciding that we were going to have a cloud world in our story, we needed to make cloud creatures. When I was younger I always loved look up at the sky and imagining all of the cloud shapes coming to life, which was the reason I took on this task. I spent a long time trying to sketch a cloud creature and the picture that i posted yesterday was my final result. After that I downloaded photoshop and worked on the more detailed zersion of the cloud creatures. I used a bunch of texutes and tool to make the final outcome.

  • Earlier today kira and i finalized the idea for the volcano world and we loved the idea of it being a living creature that has melded into the earth and also incorporating avatar the show into it. One creates the lava and fire and the other cools it and forms the rocks; two beings relying upon each other. We though the idea of the volcano being a living, moving, and changing creature was amazing and that they sustain the fire creatures home. we cant wait to learn photoshop and bring it to life through the computer!!!

  • So this is the Sea Palace for the Sea world that I drew for our visual story/game. It is a quite place and full of sadness and depression. With all of teh fish not being able to communicate with each other, it creates a great sadness that flows throught the sea kingdom. Its just black and white now but when color is added, it will look epic.

  • Last night I made concept sketches of what the spirit creature would look like. When I brought them in today Shilo explained that they were supposed to represent a more flowey and free formed being so I remade them today with this new style and they look a lot better. The one I like the most is the swan because it is so much of a change over the fat penguin/parrot I did last time. The first try are the ones that are in color. This time instead of making a hard line and going over it I made more light lines and changed it constantly and then went over it in sharpie. What I want to do is to model them and then print them on the 3D printer because that would be awesome.

  • Yesterday, we worked on our hero's journey. The class realized that most hero's journeys are the same. Most hero's have a tragic background such as being an orphan, or having mean parents, or just them being unhappy. They will then recieve a call to action, such as an uncle being murdered, which is what happened in Spiderman. Most will choose the road less traveled. Harry Potter went to Hogwarts while most people don't. Each of the heros have some kind of mentor, seer or a companion. In The Chronicles of Narnia, the children's companion is the lion. For our story, the hero is unhappy, as her parents aren't around a lot. Her call to action is when her goldfish is lost in a suitcase when she plans to runaway. The road less traveled would be that she went through the portal into other worlds and her companion/seer is her goldfish. We came up with this by brainstorming, then explaining and going over what a hero's journey is. It took us a while to finalize our hero's journey, but we know what we're doing know and we're pretty excited by our story.


  • I like the storyboard artwork so far.  I like the fish, the other sea creatures, and the record voice drawings.  We split into groups and came up with the storyboard.  It was fun working on the storyboard.  The drawings were very pretty even though they didn't have color.  I am excited to make this into an interactive book.

  • Storyboarding was a significant step in the creation process. Every step in every scene precisley. With collaboration and imagination our visual effects could create amazing pictures and sketches that showed our idea. We split into groups each assigned a specific scene. After thirty mminutes of intense sketching we had all the boards we needed.

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  • Have you ever watched animated movies like Toy Story, Shrek, Wall-E and Finding Nemo and wondered how they made the film, came up with the story, or created all those awe-inspiring effects? In this two-week studio, we will introduce students to the art of visual effects, digital motion graphics, green-screening, and storytelling as well as the basics behind digital filmmaking. During the two weeks, students will learn the entire process of creating a short film piece, from pre-production aspects such as storyboarding, to production, including both the technical and directorial side, to post-production, including visual editing and sound mixing. Students will come up with ideas for stories and then tell these stories through short mixed-media pieces, and the only thing stopping them is their imagination!

    The studio will also focus on understanding different forms of storytelling as portrayed in modern films, games, and digital apps.  Students will learn how to create compelling visual effects as seen in “Hollywood style” movies and use them in their stories using Adobe After Effects and also learn how to use Final Cut Pro for their final production. The studio is intended to allow students to be playful and creative with media while being thoughtful and critical in communicating a message. Under the guidance of NuVu’s coaches and industry experts, students in this studio will learn about digital filmmaking, digital art, illustration, storytelling and production.

    Focus skills/areas/technologies:

       Illustration, Digital Art & Graphic Design

       Digital Filmmaking

       Storytelling, Storyboarding & Production

      Social Sciences

      Adobe Photoshop

      Adobe After Effects

      Final Cut Pro