Snapchat Filter Simmulator

Final Post

Matthew Manning

My final project turned out to be almost fully functional, although I did hit some road blocks.  Since my idea changed so much, timing for completing the intricate final aspects of this project proved difficult.  I did assemble all the correct objects needed but It was difficult to create an ear piece that would constantly work and attach to different size and shaped ears.  On another note, the ribbon was difficult to attach, but after printing with wood, it was almost working when wrapped around one ear, and strained to the other ear for tightness to stay on.

Studio One Presentation!

Matthew Manning
1 / 17

In today's social media climate, teens feel pressure to appear almost perfect, with the help of Snapchat filters and other Photoshop apps. It is just fine to use filters to make a picture look "dope" or something as I do this a lot myself, but it starts to become damaging when someone They can then becomes attached to this fake version of themselves, that can and only exists online. The Snapchat filter simulator toy [what is the name? I think this one works better] pinches a child's or teen’s cheeks very hard to simulate what a digital filter does trying to make your face look slimmer or skinnier, and shows how painful in real life this process is, if not done healthy. The pain is meant to cause the human subject to reflect on the unrealistic expectations created by online filters and their psychologically harmful side effects.  In terms of completing this project, I faced several technical and conceptual challenges.  It was difficult  to determine how exactly to make this project possible, questioned was the electronic aspect, and the materials these pinchers would be made out of to help represent the fleeting beauty experienced on social media.