The Snowman Spin Seat

Alex Shigueta and Leighton Gray

Alex Shigueta:
Snowman Spin Seat: A comfortable hollow snowman that spins when a child climbs inside and provides shelter from the cold Boston winter.

It's common for people in winter climates to experience a form of seasonal depression that keeps them inside, feeling tired and dreading the cold. The Snowman Spin Seat entices people to go outside and enjoy winter while having quality family time and making or bringing back childhood memories of the playground. A child can climb into the hollowed-out body, setting it spinning, and gaze out the head at the winter wonderland. The Spin Seat is built to be large and sturdy enough that it won’t tip over but will still make the time inside entertaining for the child. As Snowman Spin Seats make their way onto playgrounds, more people will discard any preconceptions about the cruelty of winter.

The spin seat relies on a ribbed design that encircles the occupant. Inside there are large pillows positioned inside each intersection point from the perpendicular ribs to make the inhabitant feel cozy. Finally, the outside of the human-size snowman has an HDP constructed ”teardrop” pattern that when layered on top of each other, creates shingles for the snowman. This is done to ensure that no water will be able to get inside the snowman. When the occupant sits down inside, gravity induces the seat to spin around on the center point. The inside grants the user the ability to peer out from the head of the snowman, giving the impression of "embodying" the snowman. Children can imagine themselves to be Frosty the Snowman, or Olaf from Frozen. The Snowman Spin Seat allows people to have fun while also offering warmth in the coldest season. The spherical design pushes wind around the snowman, not into it, offering a cozy retreat from the blustery cold.