Floral Kaleidoscope

Lucy Emerson
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An installation that uses parallel mirrors to make reflections of one bouquet of flowers seem to go on forever. This installation was made to attract more customers to Central Square Florists a flower shop near NuVu.

The Floral kaleidoscope installation is a project that works with Central Square Florist to help advertise their shop. The Installation uses four mirrors arranged in a square to create an infinite sequence of reflections of a bouquet of flowers. The Mirrors angled outwards to create a sphere effect in the reflection. On the back of the box, a disk holds the flowers that the florist will arrange before the shop opens. The users can move the crank connected to gears to spin the back gear, which will spin the flowers to create a kaleidoscope effect. The hope is that once the user is done looking at the installation, they will go into the shop to buy the flowers that were on display or other flowers that are in the shop.