Virtual Chess Mate

The Brief

Mathew Paul

We made a table that lets two people in any location play chess together using physical pieces. 

We wanted to make a device that let people around the world play games together. Games are a fun way to spend time with another person. Often people play games with people in different locations online. We think that the physicals pieces in games often add to the experience, and we wanted people to be able to use physicals pieces even when playing with people in the different location.

We used two laptop stands to make glass chess boards. The chess tables would be put in different locations. The tables can communicate with each other so that the player can see the move of their opponent at the other table. There would be one set of physical pieces and one set of projected pieces. You can move the physical pieces, and the tables would take a picture and project it on the other table. This is an easy and intuitive way to play chess with people around the world.