Wheelchair Desk/Arm Rest


Nuradin Bhatti and 2 OthersMohammad Sayed
Pablo Yanes

The main idea of this studio was about Wheelchair Hacking so my group we got a idea about a deck / tray. The idea of this project was about making the person using the wheelchair have easier life on his wheelchair. We picked the desk / tray for our project because how wheel chairs do not have a real easy way to have access with a desk to write or a place to eat. it also show about how hard life people in wheel chair have and we want to help them make the usual life easy for them.. The problem of the tray/ desk was that we have a limited space in the chair and we do not want to disturb the space. But our group we mostly thought how baby carriages are build in a limited space. When we had all the piece we needed to start pasting with glue but this is what gave us the must problem. This was the problem because how small some of the pieces that we had we needed to put it all together  so this made it be hard to glue and for different layers that we had. But with few clamps and working together we over came with problem. This project was important because it makes some of the wheelchair people have be solved for them.