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Toy Troop Deployment System (TTDS)

Flyingbots 1 | Projects

  • Our Problem was that Toy Parachute Soldiers are a disappointment when dropped from low heights. The Solution was to create an RC plane that dropped the parachute soldiers from a great height with the click of a button. To achieve this, we created a classic plane design out of foam and created a conveyer belt dropping mechanism for dropping the parachute soldiers out of the back door.

    This RC plane has two motors on the wings for propellers and servos throughout the body to control the rudder, elevators, and back door. The conveyer belt uses stretchy fabric and rollers to push each parachute soldier out one at a time. At the beginning of this project, we had difficulties on figuring out the dimensions of the plane to be able to drop as many parachute soldiers as possible. 

    Our first iteration had a basic cardboard plane design and did not have the dropping mechanism or back door that was to come later. In the next iteration (the final), we changed the design from cardboard to foam and designed a real body and wings for it.