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Juxtapose I | Projects

  • Our intention was to create an installation that would give attendees an interesting environment as well as bring across some of the core ideas of the exhibit. Our solution was to create a ceiling mounted drape of see through white cloth, that would move in a wavelike motion. In the project there were a few core ideas that we wanted to incorporate, as well as some that Heidi wanted us to. The most notable of these was the idea of the viewer and the viewed, however, Heidi asked us to try to use this concept without using mirrors, due to the ideas commonly associated with them. To accomplish this, we used see through cloth, to create a boundary for the viewer, without obstructing their ability to see the performers. In order to create a wave motion, we attached the cloth perpendicularly to wooden links that would be pushed by a servo(the mechanism didn't work very well in the long run). During development we ran into one huge problem, we brainstormed for far too long, and didn't have time to finish the project in a satisfactory manner.

  • The meaning behind my groups work was to create an installation that is simple and elegant. Its meant to create division in-between the performers to show how each person is different but yet still the same. We didn’t want to do anything that looks to difficult to distract away form the dancers. We decide to uses pieces of white see through fabric to divide the room that layers down and theres one wave in the same spot that gets smaller and smaller as u go through them.