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O Falafel | Projects

  • For the dispensing area of the Falafel Cart studio, we had to determine the best way to dispense ingredients onto a conveyor belt and by the end of the belt, have a delicious and complete falafel sandwhich. As the diagram above shows, the ingredients we needed to dispense in chronological order were a 7" bottom pita bread, a 6" falafel donut, tahini sauce, cucumbers, pickles, tomatoes, parsley, a secret ingredient (baba ghanouj), and finally a top piece of pita bread. To start the studio, we had to brainstorm all of the different ways of dispensing ingredients. We thought of soap dispensers, cereal dispensers, even bread dispensers. We then researched how each of these dispensers worked and manipulated them for our needs. We started by doing hours of brainstorming trying to come up with many ways to solve the same problem. After coming up with scaled diagrams we then turned to our computers and started to design and prototype. We spent many days working with the same exact prints trying to make them work and slowly improving on our latest model. We repeated this process for the two weeks until by the end we came up with a great way to dispense each individual ingredient. For the bread and falafel we made a simple design that allowed certain plates to shift opening up a hole for a falafel or piece of bread to drop through. For the cucumber, pickles, parsley, and tomatoes, we followed through on creating a cereal dispenser to release each ingredient into a funnel which would then dispense onto the conveyor belt. Lastly, for the baba ganouj and the tahini sauce, we ended up with two separate designs, both using similar non return valve systems. We opted for a press system for the baba ganoush dispensing as it only needed to be dispensed over the center of the falafel sandwich. We decided to use a squeeze bottle for the tahini dispersal, since it had to cover a large area of the sandwich. Both of these were going to be atop a spinning ring that allows the tahini to surround the falafel, while also allowing the baba ganoush to remain stationary.  Of course, due to a time constraint, some mechanisms were further progressed than others.