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  • Today we scaled the model to twie as big due to the wheels being too small for the motor.  Scaling it to the new size was difficult and took some time to get right.  Now I can print it all out and fit it together to make the final draft before wood.  I will also need to use compartments correctly so that the wires are secure.

  • Coyotes eat hundreds of pets per year and attack even more.  They are found in 48 states and can be a huge problem.  I have designed a prototype to protect your animals and backyard from coyotes.  Coyotes are very afraid of anything larger then three or four feet so my robot is tall enough to scare them away as well as being equipped with an alarm system and infared cameras to detect the predators coming.

    In my second iteration I made more compartments on the inside for the many wires to run through more smoothly as well as creating more precise measurements for the eyes and sensors.  It poved to be very challenging trying to get all the pieces to fit together perfectly.  It was a very long process of trial and error of trying to get the peices to fit but a way this problem was solved was by using rhino to get precise measurements using the dimensions an measurement tools.  This was time consuming because it took a while to cut out the cardboard and one mistake would mess up the whole model so many different rough drafts were made.