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Sleep Sense

Design Sense | Projects

  • Brenna's Brief:

    Sleep Sense: a pillow created to influence a user's sleep patterns by releasing calming and nostalgic scents throughout the night. The pillow reacts to a user's sleep movements: the more movement, the more the pillowcase releases its soothing scent.

    Sleep Sense was made to help those with issues with sleeping. Whether it be nightmares or insomnia, Sleep Sense seeks to initiate a calm and peaceful sleep by rewiring how the brain is feeling using all natural smells. Sleep Sense is a fabric pillowcase filled with little stuffing for comfort, as well as nostalgic smells. Instead of using chemicals or pharmaceuticals to ensure sleep, Sleep Sense releases scents in each stage of sleep to ensure a user will rest throughout the night. For example: if a user is stressed from a long day, the smell of their grandma's cookies or roses emanating from Sleep Sense would calm the user when they rest on the pillow. Sleep Sense tracks the user's sleep. The pillow contains four layers of scents. Scents are released depending on the stage of the sleep cycle. The goal is for the user to break through one layer of scent per sleep stage. Each layer of scent contains all natural ingredients within pods, such as tea leaves, flower petals, etcetera. When you toss and turn in your sleep, the leaves and other ingredients within the pods crumble and crack, allowing for the smells to be released. The first layer will be released during stage NREM1, the second will be released during stage NREM2, and so on. This product is meant to be used by the general public, however, they can be custom made in order to fit each user's sensory needs. The product works best when Sleep Sense is tailor-made towards their personal nostalgic smells!