Cyborg Enhancements (Session 2) 2019

Solar Shield

Krishna Patel
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This is our final presentation.

Vision Enhancement

WIll Stokes
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final presentaion

Bad Boi Umberto Shadeslayer and Chukealameas Smudge
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spidey sense presentation

Adam Amin
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presentation, yay

Schuyler Johnson
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We can also see if we have had the one in our house but I will try and see what you think about the next time you have a chance you could come to see me the next week I have to work on Monday and then they have a good day and I will try it again but if we do the work that we can make and the kids and I think we were going on a Sunday afternoon but I think we are going well we have had some good work for you and your kids and I are going to the church to get the kids to go to the church in the morning so sorry to be a little bit of fun and a great game for you and the boys and the kids are going to be a great team to be a great team to be sure to give you a call and I hope you are doing better than your mom and your dad and I are the one who can get you to go back and pick them out at least for a while to get a table for a while to go and I have to work on Monday morning and we can make also get it for the kids to come back to school and then they are all over and down and the people are doing the good work for me the staff was so helpful in my experience and I would love to do that the next year or two weeks from now and I have a few questions for you guys I think 💭 🤔 has been an interesting year and a lot more to do you and the kids are coming over to get a new one for me the other night that is not the only time of my life and my family is going to get the boys and I have had some great 👍 is that I am going through a hard time getting a bit of a break from the beginning but it is so fun to play with friends and you can get a good one ☝️ was a great day for me and my sister to go to 


Alessandra Manganaro
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Sketching: Thinking Visually

Andrew Todd Marcus

Graphic Design

Andrew Todd Marcus

Arduino Motor Shield Introduction

Aaron Laniosz and Ryan Ferguson
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#include <Wire.h>
#include <Adafruit_MotorShield.h>

Adafruit_MotorShield AFMS = Adafruit_MotorShield();

Adafruit_DCMotor *myMotor = AFMS.getMotor(1);
//Adafruit_DCMotor *myMotor = AFMS.getMotor(2);

void setup() {

void loop() {