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  • The Light is a parametrically modeled object. It is meant to let light seep through the holes in each smaller piece. 

  • My light was a torch immitation with a wood textured base. It was made to be mounted on a wall, like it's inspiration often is, and so is flat on one side.

  • For my project, I made a simple modern lamp that projects a pattern onto the wall. I decided on a triangle because I didn't want to use a box, and I also didn't want to make a wall fixture. My lamp will sit on a table and project a simple triangle pattern onto the wall. After coming up with an initial idea, I started making my design in Rhino. Once I finished my design in Rhino, I put it into Fusion to make it compatible with the CNC machine. Something that is helpful about Fusion is that it makes G code, wich is what the CNC machine reads.

  • In this studio students will learn about and use Grasshopper and a CNC router to create a decorative lamp. Grasshopper is a plugin to the 3D CAD software Rhino, that allows the programmatic creation of complex geometries. A CNC router can cut outlines and reliefs from blocks of wood and foam.