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  • *ADVANCED STUDIO - Recommended for High School Students, Post-High School Gap Year Students and/or Returning NuVu Students*

    The architecture, engineering and construction industries are being revolutionized by automation, digital technologies and robotics. And to think, it all began only 40 years ago when the factory assembly line became the stage for the debut of the world’s first robots and automation processes. Around the world today, construction sites are making use of digital fabrication, 3D printing technologies, unmanned drone aircrafts, and robotic construction systems both on- and off-site to analyze, simulate, test and build buildings! Dynamic building facades and envelopes are using automation and robotics, i.e. moving parts, sensors and actuators, to adjust panels in real time to changes in external light, humidity, and temperature similar to shape-shifting animals. Engineers and designers are even looking to biomimicry, or understanding the rules behind biological processes, to inspire novel and efficient design for buildings.

    In this Studio, you will learn about the futuristic technologies transforming the construction industry by creating your own buildingbot! Think 3D printed walls, digital fabrication and small robots building big structures! Students will design, model, and build fantastical buildingbots that will then be used to construct buildings, structures, and bridges of their own imagination. During this process, students will use digital 3D modeling software to design their robots and then augment them with sensors, programmable motors, and moving elements using microcontrollers powered by Arduino to bring their buildingbots to life!

    Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:


      Architecture + Urban Design

      Physics (Electricity, Magnetism)




       Robotics (Arduino, Sensors, Actuators)

       Digital Fabrication (Laser-cutting, 3d Printing)

       3d Modeling


    • Enrolling students must be any of the following:
      • High School Student
      • Post-High School Gap Year Student
      • Returning NuVu Student





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