NuVu Kids Spring 2016

First Day in NuVu (5-7-16)

Sotirios Kotsopoulos
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NuVu Kids Spring 2016

Saba Ghole
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Session 1: A Windy Day
Learn about power and how this invisible force makes things move.

Session 2: Codey-Code
Explore the basics of coding and robotics and create instructions to do specific tasks.

Session 3: Stories in Motion
Explore different ways of creating movement (motion) and how to create stories from these movements (emotion).

Session 4: Sound, Rhythm, and Movement
Play with sound and rhythm, and then build rhythm machines using people as elements in the machine.

Session 5: Trace: Light, Color, and Marking
Learn the basics of physics and robotics by exploring the intersection of art and machines.

Session 6: Fly, Float, and Sink
Learn about wind dynamics and create flying objects that can hover in magical wind tunnels.