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Jack Mullen
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If you go online to find a picture, you will more than likely come across a photo with the genetic "shutterstock" watermark strewn across it. Here you are, looking for a wallpaper or a picture for a slide of a presentation, and they want you to buy it. Not only that, but they want you to cough up some major funds.... FOR A BUNCH OF PIXELS ON A SCREEN!!! For 15 dollars you can have 1 picture! My lunch costs a fraction of that. This is not fair. It would be one thing if it were something the artist painted or drew or did in illustrator, but it's not. They are charging you to look at the world... through a screen... This is flawed; people should be able to see the world, for the world is priceless. The world is owned by no one. For my project I am going to laser cut out giant sheets of the "shutterstock" watermark and putting them up over Cambridge.
My mission was to show how by slapping up different watermarks around Cambridge. My project started as a clear plexiglass sheet with the Shutterstock watermark etched onto it. I hung it up in the photo booth. Second I made a font. In the past I had created a style but never designed a full alphabet. I showed this to Shilo and she encouraged me to finish the font and create stencils for it. I then used this to create a stencil that said "Watermark" (my project name) on it.