Ian and Keziah

More boxes.

Keziah Hoyt

Today we cut out our base box that the dome will reset on and the lights will go in. Then, we redesigned the bigger box to enclose everything. We redesigned the tabs so that they fit well in wood. After cutting, the sides fit together well, but I forgot to take into account that the tabs on two of the sides would add an extra two thicknesses to each side, requiring the top to be rectangle. At first, we assembled most of it and it looked as though only one side was too short but after re-cutting it we discovered it needed to be extended by 6 mm, not 3. So, I redesigned the top again, adding 6 mm to my origional design. Hopefully when we cut it again tomorrow everything works out. 

box making <3

Keziah Hoyt

today we made our box to go around the dome on rhino and laser cut it out of cardboard. Afterwards we made the base box that will go under the dome that will hold the lights to illuminate the dome and will elevate the dome so that the periscope can easily reach it. We will cut this out of wood because we dont have much time to work in cardboard. Additionally, Ian cut the periscope out of cardboard today.