Libby and Keziah

new group with Riana and Jess

Libby Pohl
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Today Adam ended my project with Keziah and moved me to Riana and Jess's group to work on the hanging terrarium. We had trouble finalizing our plan on the structure and shape of the terrarium. We decoded to make 6 terrariums that would hang from curved lines which we have not yet laser cut. We laser cut one terrarium today and put tape over the holes to two model the acrylic walls. We made our terrariums a pyramid with a squarish bottom. 

Today we started work on the box that'll hold our gardens. We chose to do this today because before creating our final product we first need to figure out if our design will work and look good. By making these initial designs and cutting our pieces out of cardboard we will be given a general idea of what our final product will look like and we can figure out what works and what looks good and what doesn't. We did this by designing a box in rhino with notches and we are planning on cutting it out with the laser cutter tomorrow.