What should I do with my life?


William Drubner

This studio was based around decision making, and utilizing it in the form of a website. We had to first study flowcharts and different means of helping people make decisions for inspiration to make a website that assists others in making them. People have no Idea what hobby or job they want to take up. This website will use a keyword forum searching system to help each individual person using the website find their new interest using their old interests. My website pretty much uses keywords to help you make the decision of what you want to do with your life. This can be large scale such as a job or not, and just help you find a hobby. Instead of making some website that is like one of those Facebook quizzes I wanted to make something that felt more like a legit website than some quiz to pass time. People can preset things they are interested with their account, then the website uses these keywords to link them to forum posts with people either suggestions jobs or hobbies, or offering jobs. This website uses a forums homepage which will have all of the top posts of the week that relate to their own keywords so each week they can find new interesting things to try out. There is also creating the account where the user, as I said before, can enter in things they have done from school or previous hobbies or things they are interested in. each user can also make a post which they enter in keywords, so they match up and help people find their posts. The development of my project went from me spending a day fleshing out and really planning what I wanted to do to me wasting a day because I had no Idea what I wanted to do, which is pretty ironic because we were in the decision making studio. Next I had to learn coding which was very difficult for me, but I had a lot of help from David and mainly did hands on learning, which is learning how to code while I was working on my website.

One of my biggest challenges was finding out how my website was going to work because I really wanted it to be different. I had to spend a lot of time just looking at a wall and planning what I needed to do, because that is really the only way I can come up with a good ideas. I also did a bit of active thinking while drawing, which helped. I used other websites, some that I use and some that I don’t as an inspiration for my website even though they really had to nothing to do with it. It took a while but I finally had a good president for my website that I really thought would work.

My next challenge was running into all of my limitations either because my ideas were unrealistic or because I did not have the time or abilities to make them possible. these limitations were a lot of me wanting to make my website as good and as useful as some of the other websites I was thinking about when planning my own.

My last real challenge, which was also the biggest, was doing the coding by myself. I had help from David which was very nice, but I still had to dive into this unknown world and make a  website layout. Most of the time I barely knew what I was doing and If I am being completely honest I'm not sure If I could do it again right now, but I really enjoyed the experience and would one day like to try and code again, but be a lot better at it and have more time to work at it. I somehow got it done because one day I buckled down and really focused with barely any distractions. Luckily David was alway there to help me when I got confused.