Chinese Student Projects

Wearable Wings

Huiran Chang

Wearable Wings is a project that allows anyone to fly!

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Avatar Seeds

Allie Burdi

Avatar Seeds are dome-shaped objects that fly using four propellers.

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Jibreel Bhatti and 2 OthersRuixuan Xie
Ryan Bendremer

The Snitch is a real version of the sci-fi flying object found in Harry Potter and commonly used in the game of Quidditch.

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Hover Landing

Rita Li and 3 OthersJayce Huang
Gordron Xu
Luca Tao
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Hover Landing is a hovering sci-fi flying machine.

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RC Frisbee

Satchel Sieniewicz and 2 OthersEric Yuchen Song
Daniel Jiang

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Segmented Mountain Climber

Rosa Weinberg and 3 OthersJae Lee
Samson Mostashari

The ‘Segmented Mountain Climber’ is a vehicle that is able to deftly maneuver up and down the steep mountainsides, and over their sharp peaks.

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Geared Vehicle

Rosa Weinberg and 3 OthersCrystal CAI
Carina FANG

The Geared Vehicle is for a time in the future when quicksand covers 90% of the earth. This vehicle is able to elegantly traverse even the most dangerous quicksand pits using its innovative geared wheeled system.

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Wearable Life Detector

Nemo Hsiao and 2 OthersAnnika Cunningham
sunny tu

The Wearable Life Detector is a bracelet that detects movement and vibrates when something moves designed for a world in which there is no sun and darkness is everywhere.

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