The History of Competitive Gaming Animation


Simon Zalesky and Calder Martin
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The History of Competitive gaming is a animation made up of six different sections. Through out the video the timeline of competitive gaming starts in the 1970s with the game space war and proceeds to the current time. The animation cover the games Spacewar, Quake, Starcraft, Halflife, Team Fortress, Counter strike, and Street Fighter. Using the software After Affects we were able to animate a whole timeline of competitive gaming resulting in a final video the is 4 minuets and 49 seconds long.


Simon Zalesky and Calder Martin
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The goal for this studio was to make a animation about a topic of our choice. We spent the first two days looking for inspiration on YouTube. On Wednesday we learned how to use After Affects by animating a Nuvu logo. The next day we chose our projects. Calder and I chose to do an animation about the history of competitive gaming. We started by doing a lot of research about competitive gaming. We than wrote a script. The script was bout one and a half pages long so we estimated that the animation would be a bout three minuets long. We decided to start the video by talking about the game Spacewar. Space war was the first ever competitively played video game so we thought it would be a good starting point. Than we move on to talk about the game Quake because it was one of the first games played online. On Wednesday we recorded our audio, Calder did the narration while I started animating. After the Quake came the Starcraft scene, in this scene we focused on how popular it got during its competitive matches. Next up we talk about Halflife and its mods. We decided to do this because this game brought to life the games Counter Strike and Team Fortress which are now two very popular games in the competitive gaming scene. As a final clip we talk about fighting games and EVO. Lastly there is the outro where we show the facts and talk about how popular gaming has got.