Rosa Weinberg and Sam Daitzman

Often times expressions of emotions and one's feelings are misinterpreted and hard to understand. Facial Expressions and gestures all mean slightly different things between each person, and are often hard to judge off of. With the Emotion Mask, expressions are shown through color instead. Although not perfect, color has less areas for misinterpretation, and often times, people have similar understandings of how colors connect to different emotions. It's typical of people to assume red means aggression, green means envy, and blue means sadness.

With the mask, you can to express yourself through colors, and decide for yourself how you show yourself. Feeling cheerful? Tell the world about how happy you are with a nice shade of yellow! Someone bothering your? Flash an angry red! 

The Emotion Mask uses pressure sensors and LED's to allow the wearer to decide what color to show, the harder you press, the brighter the color! Press different pressure sensors at the same time to mix your own unique color! 

This project was begun by Nuradin Bhatti, Pablo Fiori and Bryan Chan in Daniel Rosenberg and Rosie Weinberg's Spring Studio "Being An Alien: Feelings From Another World" and continued during the Independent Project Period by Nuradin Bhatti and Bryan Chan. In the month preceeding fashion week, Sam Daitzman took on the design of the user interface with a complete redesign of the hand piece and electronics.



Rosa Weinberg and Sam Daitzman