NuVu Spring 2015


Abi Tenenbaum
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In this one week studio, I wanted to create some kind of animation. I spent many hours brainstorming, and eventually I came up with diong a sequel to a past NuVu animation. I decided t animate white lines on top of live footage. I wanted the video to be a sort of introduction to NuVu that new students could watch to get a sense of what they're getting in to. I explored the design process and the different aspects of creating a project to find good scenes and activities to include in the movie. Trying to capture the spirit of NuVu in one week with a one-and-a-half minute video is not as simple as it might seem. NuVu's uniqueness and amazingness is not easily expressed in any form, and the oppurtunities the students get to explore so many different projects allows them to explore the limits of their openness and creativity.


Abi Tenenbaum

This is a movie trying to capture the spirit of NuVu in the Spring of 2015. Each scene is also a step in the design process that all of NuVu's students explore in their time here. Scenes range from brainstorming and sketching to coding and documenting.