Remi Shore and Sophie Mattoon

We designed for a 4D world. Where the fourth dimension is time. In this world there is no perception of space. For our design, when the ball is hit one never knows which way the ball goes or how long it will take to travel. Each player has a sleeve on their hand and when they swing their hand it sends the ball off to the other player. The other player does not know when the ball will get to them, or from what direction, they only know when their sleeve vibrates and they reciprocate the motion. This game creates a lot of anticipation around when the "ball" is going to reach the other player. Because of this each player needs to be ready at all times because they never know when the ball may come to them! 


Remi Shore and Sophie Mattoon
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Process is being written on another document and will be posted soon


The goal of our project was to create something that would incorporate a sense that humans do not have or create something for a world other an Earth. We started out with brainstorming and we decided that wanted to make a game that could be played in another world. We decided that we wanted our game to be in a 4D world. The fourth dimension is time. In this 4D world time and space would we disconnected. We came up with the idea for a game