How NuVu Works


Abi Tenenbaum

Our Goal was to make a movie that we would give people who aren’t at NuVu an idea of how NuVu works. We decided to focus our movie on the design process that goes on at NuVu, since that is one of the main things that makes NuVu what it is. We made scenes showing many tools and steps that we use when making projects, starting with brainstorming and all the way to the final model.

We decided to take live film and animate things on top of it, so that not only the content, but also the style of the movie show what students could do at NuVu. The style of our animations is white animated lines overlayed on top of live footage. We wanted to make the animations seem friendly and helpful, so we made them help the person in the scene do what they needed to do, from giving guidelines to follow, to showing things from new angles, to just making life easier.