Personal Protection Clothing

Personal Protection Clothing

Kyle Yung and Noah Browne


Not everyone has access or currently owns a PPE. This project wasn't meant to improve the PPE itself but to find new ways to implement it into our daily lives. We wanted to add simple PPE into different articles of clothing. Using different parts of clothes or adding new features to create new ways to use PPE. 

The purpose of this project is to give people more accessibility to PPE as well as make them more convenient and comfortable. By implementing them within clothing, they not only are easier to use but can be visually appealing to wear. As a bonus, you get a 2 in 1 set, a PPE product and a piece of clothing that can help with the cold weather which the virus thrives in. We can create mechanics and features that can change an ordinary article of clothing to include a PPE. If you are in an enclosed space and feel uncomfortable, you can transform your clothes into a PPE at anytime. This product appeals mostly to teens and young adults but can be used by all ages. 


A hoodie designed to comfortably provide quick, fast, and easy protection to its user during this insane period whilst also still being fashionable. There're many versions but for the one designed and put together, the project is a hoodie that has a zipper halfway in the hood so when zipped provides a face mask with a removable filter allowing it to wash easier.

The project engages in the whole PPE idea during this crisis going on. Its purpose is to provide easy, reusable PPE for normal people that are on the go and at the ready without taking up space in bags or pockets. The project helps normal people around the globe who can put money towards a multi-use sweatshirt. It doesn’t raise that many questions but some that have come up through the production process have been along the lines of, “How could you design it differently?”, and, “In what ways can you add more to this or make it slightly different?” which made us think about the project differently resulting in us adding and taking away some components to make it better than it was. The hoodie is for normal, everyday people who go throughout their day in the public either in need of a mask, in need of more space, or even in need of a more comfortable way to keep clean and safe. For example, if there was a person who needs to take public transportation but doesn’t feel right going on the train because of their lack of PPE, they could just put it on before they leave the house, zip up, and go about their day on the train or just even outdoors. The basic technology in the project would honestly be just through the diverse ways to zip it, it’s just a hoodie that can zip more than usual but another idea/variant of the hoodie is a pull-up mask. What’s technically innovative about the project, even though it’s just a hoodie, is that it’s more advanced than just a full zip hoodie but still as simple as it. It differs from other hoodies because it provides more protection, space, and comfortability, unlike the normal hoodie. The physical interactions are the zipper used to zip up and down the hoodie, and another one to remove the filter inside the hoodie.