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Trent tallarico

Safe Shopping is a bin which goes into grocery stores with two sides: one for touched and one for untouched foods. The goal is to stop the spread of any virus, keep the touching to a minimum protect  healthy people.

To make this a real product it would be pretty easy to make, it's a very simple design being a box with a wall in the middle to separate good from bad. If it is made out of wood or a durable plastic it could be easily sterilized. It could be made from the wood of the plants that come with the food and can be taken apart and rebuilt. The wood can be tossed or reused in other ways after a week or so but it can always be cleaned. The reason is to keep people from touching everything at one and then putting it back with the clean and new ones. To even enhance the idea it could be like a gumball dispenser and you only get one at a time and you can't put it back once you touch it. This is to limit the amount of choice you get. This would be for people who might have the virus and don't know or for people who are healthy and want to stay healthy. It would also limit the amount of work you would need to do when making displays because all you need to do is put the apples in the bin.

This was made for people who have the virus and don't know it and for the people who know they have and still go outside to do activities