Nuradin Bhatti

I started off with a sketch of a shower curtain transforming into a raincoat. I then changed the idea to and umbrella. What did work about the idea is that it was able to protect you from the rain, what didn't work is that the shower curtain had no balance. So I went back the shower curtain raincoat idea. The curtain will come with the sleeves and the hood.

I kept trying to come up with different hooks for the ceiling grid. the first clip I came up with was just a regular hook that could only go 90 degrees. What did work about the hook was that it would only go 90 degrees, what didn't work about it was that it was too big for the ceiling grid. So I changed the idea  to a safety pins because one end is thin enough for the ceiling grid.

What did work about the safety pins is that is did fit in the ceiling grid, what didn't work is that the safety pin would just easily fall out of the ceiling grid because the track of the ceiling is like an upside down T and for the hook to balance it would have to go on both sides. So I went to a clip, and it worked.


Nuradin Bhatti

What is the problem you are trying to solve? 

How did you decide to work on this problem?

Why do you think problem and your solution are important?

What is your solution?

I am trying to fix the privacy in the showers of the pine street inn. Their showers have no privacy to it. Also the homeless people are kicked out at 7:00 am, and it might rain  and homeless people could get infected.

When I was at the pine street inn I saw that there was no privacy in the showers. I imagined if I were lived in this homeless shelter I would want some privacy.

I think the problem and the solution are important because if your in the rain without any protection you could get infected. but if you did have this protection there is a less likely chance that you will get infected.

My solution is to make a shower curtain and a raincoat put together. that way you wouldn't have to carry 2 seperate things home with you.