Maddie Johnson-Harwitz

Cavernous Landscape is an art-play piece that allows children of all ages to engage in risky play. This type of play helps kids develop spatial awareness, problem-solving, and risk management skills in a controlled environment. Typical playground design aims to restrict danger and creativity while the Danehy project seeks to break away from design norms to give children an exciting playscape. Cavernous Landscape gives children a space to adventure and traverse within the best of their abilities.

Cavernous landscape consists of two grand arches protruding from a hill. The arches are constructed using lamination to create three-dimensional shapes the children can climb on. The larger arch is more open, whereas the smaller arch is more enclosed. There is also netting-in a cone shape- that leads children down after they climb up on the wall of the larger arch. Caregivers can watch children climb from a path through the inside of the netting.  Cavernous Landscape is unique and distinguishable in the landscape of Danehy Park, and is a space for children to dive into and explore.