The Song Slider

Leo McKee and Christopher Fletcher
1 / 17


The Song Slider: A device that allows Lee to control his music by using the skip and play/pause button. The music controller mounts to his chair and is controlled using Bluetooth and an Arduino.

The Song Slider is a small, compact device that is connected to his right armrest. Lee mentioned that he loves listing to music, but never could control what he listened to. He controls the music by sliding the hande up or down, one way for skipping songs the other for playing/pausing them. The device can wirelessly connect to his preferred device, and it is battery operated. Lee can use it at any given point in the day, without any hassle.


The goal of our project was to create a device to play pause and skip music. It consists of a handle that slides back and forth to skip songs, and pushes down to play and pause music. The controller could also be reprogrammed to do another function on a computer. Even though we designed it to control music, it also functions as a universal button/controller.