Drag Focus

Nathan Berger


my first concept was not very strong in this studio, about halfway I joined with Declan. time management was a little better than the last project. In school I'm good about managing my time, however, in this studio, It still felt like sometimes I had nothing to be doing because others were behind or some other reason. I showed leadership when I changed my project with Declan. I can improve by staying more focused on the project. I didn't have any goals for this project. I can improve my work and time at nuvu by seeking out things to improve on and work on. I liked the idea of this studio and the product came out pretty well. What I didn't like was how much dead time I felt there was. I could have finished this project in half the time, but I was constantly focused on dragging it out for 3 weeks. The pacing was slow, but I liked working and talking with Declan.


 Drag Focus: A game that teaches children about drag racing and drone flying in the future. The game features pedals and a shifter to simulate real life. kids learn fast reaction time and thinking in this game.

 This project helps kids develop faster reaction times. For future jobs like drag racing and drone flying, fast reaction time is very important. This project is intended for kids ages 5-8. Within the game, the lights go from red to green, with 3 lights in the center to simulate drag racing. The game comes with 2 pedals that go on the floor. The shifter is another element from drag racing to add challenge to the game. the game is played with 1 to 2 players. when you put your foot down on the brake, the timer starts and lights start flashing. when the green light flashes, let go of the brake and put your foot on the throttle.