Upside Down Farming


Declan McEnerney

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Declan McEnerney

Upside down farming: A structure that can assists plants to grow in high gravity situations. The structure includes buckets that hold a plant upside down, and a watering system that waters each plant at a controlled rate.

The Upside Down Farm is an alternative system, which cultivates a sustainable source of natural food. Without this, people on living on other planets, like Gilese 667cc, would have to consume pre-packaged food from small plastic pouches. This farming system allows people to grow crops found on earth and have access to fresh and healthy food. There is a tube that supports main tube. This holds the plants and has a irrigation system to help them thrive. the  It can  hold a variety of plants and help them grow well in the given environment. Once the plants grow larger, the bucket flips down and allows the plant to continue growing. The Upside Down Farm can be built within one's home or be expanded for commercial use.


Declan McEnerney
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