Cerberus Boy

Anara Magavi and Izzy Lamb

Juxtaposed side by side, Framed Woman and Cerberus Boy show the shifting ideology of gender expression over time while challenging the notion of gender as two concrete identities that people must conform to. 

Framed Woman is based on a portrait photograph from the 1800s depicting a woman of royalty during that time period. The figure in the photograph is outlined in order to create a frame that represents the gender expectations that people are demanded to fit into. When looking back through history, all people have to look at are photographs and paintings, so I believe that it is important to understand how gender roles were projected through these mediums and how they shape the way society views gender today. 

Continuing this subject of gender as a social construct in society, Cerberus Boy is based on a portrait photograph that I took and outlined the contour of. Framed Woman maintains neutral colors due to photography only being in black and white at the time, as well as representing how black and white the construct of gender was in society. 

Contrarily, Cerberus Boy includes tons of color in the piece, showing the freedom of gender expression today. In addition to the colorfulness of the piece, it contains multiple faces, demonstrating the complexity of gender expression. 

Project Board

Izzy Lamb