Siena Jekel and Bella Hauser
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Big, Bold, and Beautiful: a wearable designed for Corey, an individual who has partial spinal paralysis. The wearable resembles a peacock, representing Corey's big and bold personality.

The physical build of the project is multiple leaf-shaped pieces of felt fabric attached along the sides of Corey's crutches, with two more felt leaf-shaped pieces attached together around his neck, holding the two crutches together. The project goal is to help Corey be able to show off and draw attention to his "Here I am, world!" attitude, despite the fact he has a disability. The wearable is attached to his crutches. This not only enhances his personality but bring to light that his disability does not stop him. The project's leaf-shaped pieces of felt are held up by wooden rods and are very big, therefore cause attention. Corey interacts with the project by simply showing off as he performs with Heidi Latsky's Dance Company.


Big, Bold, and Beautiful is a wearable design for Corey, an individual who has partial spinal paralysis. It attaches to his crutch and resembles a peacock, as Corey likes to show off with extravagant style. 

Six years ago, Corey was involved in an elevator incident and injured his spine. Before his injury, he was a fitness trainer and a Broadway dancer. Today, he dances with Heidi Latsky Dance Company. He uses both a wheelchair and crutches throughout the day, but Corey prefers to dance with crutches. The idea of this project is to draw attention to Corey while representing his inner beauty. Big, Bold, and Beautiful works by attaching a wooden joint to Corey's crutch, on that joint there is 15 abstract feathers and the feathers have a complex pattern.