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Uliana Dukach

Chaos Dome

Uliana Dukach
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Chaos Dome is a hanging vessel that depicts the external image of a chaotic family that constantly moves around, yet inside the vessel, there is calmness and safety. This vessels invites users to step into my experience as I navigate my family’s history

 Chaos Dome is a hanging vessel that shows how I rely on my family throughout all of the chaos and change that happens in my life. The Dome is supposed to make other people who come in and out of it gains an understanding or at least an idea of how my big family can be really chaotic and change a lot. While at the same time being a source of comfort and stability in my life. Chaos Dome is made out of two wood semi circles that intersect and form the dome frame. The wood frame has holes in it so that it is possible to weave fabric through it in a crazy pattern and create the actual walls of the dome. Around the dome, there is a hanging sheet that serves to isolate the viewer from the outside world and make a calm space inside the dome. The dome is hung over the viewers head by a string attached to the ceiling.