Ollo MacLean
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The Family Tree is a living time capsule for extended families, allowing each family their own specific branch to share memories, hardships, or joyful moments with one another as a means to bring the family closer together with these shared moments available to share for generations. 

In my Family Tree, the trunk represents my cousin, Brad, who died of a brain tumor at age 13. During the one year from when he was diagnosed to when he died, all 75 extended family members connected in ways we never had before. I thought it would be appropriate to create a base in his memory, with “B LISKA” written on the side of the tree trunk, which was the license plate he wanted oto have on his first car. I created the branches to represent the various extended families that make up my larger one, with caps labeling each family’s last name and designated repository. Anyone in the family can use the vessel to share special memories and aspirations as keepsakes for other family members to view and future generations to see. 

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Ollo MacLean