Reaching New Heights/Framed Woman

Framed Woman

Izzy Lamb

Framed Woman: An installation that provides commentary on unrealistic gender expectations and the truth of the construction of gender in society. The installation is a frame cut out of a woman's portrait in the 1800s, which provides insight as to when these gender norms originated, and why they need to end.

When people learn about history, the only visual aspect that they are exposed to is through photographs and paintings. As time goes on, society is constantly exposed and catering to the gender norms that were created hundreds of years ago. Therefore, the construct of gender in society continues to be pervasive and oppressive. This installation emphasizes that society needs to see that people do not need to identify or present themselves as one specific label. Through the utilization of a portrait photograph of a royal woman in the 1800s, the audience is forced to attempt to fit into this preconceived idea of what a woman should look like. Not only does this expose how unrealistic these gender expectations are, but it questions the role of gender as a whole in society.

Reaching New Heights

Brenna Curley

Reaching New Heights is an anti-monument proving that fashion can be gender neutral and still serving a similar purpose to gendered clothing. This installation recreates the height high heels give you, as well as the way they affect your posture by using mirrors reflecting off each other.

This anti-monument creates an alternative to high heels and heavily gendered clothing. Reaching New Heights aims to challenge societal gender norms. It allows the user to see from a higher perspective, feel taller, and focus on their posture as if they were wearing high heels but without the gender norms. This is targeted towards anyone who strays away from gendered clothing because it triggers dysphoria or makes them uncomfortable. It's a reminder that they can still wear gender neutral clothes with similar functions as gendered clothing while remaining comfortable. "Reaching New Heights" is a wooden collar with mirrors attached to the front and back, allowing the user to see from a new perspective. When the user looks down into the front mirror, it will reflect back whatever the back mirror is turned towards, giving the user a higher sense of vision. This garment uses the height of the back mirror along with a different visionary perspective to replicate the feeling of tallness that wearing high heels grants the wearer. Additionally, there are weighted shoulder pads to fix the users posture, much like how high heels force the user to be careful and pay more attention to how they're standing. This anti-monument is meant for the general public to try on and showcase the gender neutrality of the garment.