The Sinking Scene

Sinking Scene

Kevin Brown and Cooper Ducharme
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Cooper's brief:

Sinking Scene: A portable visual filter that simulates the disastrous outcomes of climate change where the sea level has risen. Viewing a familiar scene through the filter creates the illusion of a flood, evoking reflection on the consequences of climate change.

Climate change and the rising sea level is a difficult obstacle to address because the average person is not confronted with its consequences in their daily life. The “Sinking Scene” brings these issues into focus by taking a scene or view that people are accustomed to, and showing how it could be overtaken by water if nothing is done to stop climate change. This will raise awareness for finding solutions to climate change like innovating green energy and reducing carbon emissions. The Sinking Scene is comprised of translucent blue cellophane held by laser cut wooden posts that can be dissembled for easy storage and transportation from site to site. This project will affect local commuters and passersby that could make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Kevin's brief:

The Sinking Scene is a portable portal that makes any everyday scene look engulfed in water. This portal aims to educate people about the future of sea level rise and its impact on communities.

Many coastal areas are threatened by sea level rise, however, there is still time to prevent sea level rise. The Sinking Scene seeks to inform users about the the risk in order to inspire action. The Sinking Scene is comprised of a framed blue plastic sheet that the user looks through. There are also hooks and feet attached to the wood frame, allowing it to be  displayed in many different places. The goal is to raise awareness about how drastically a city will change if global warming continues, and to encourage users to take steps to help prevent sea level rise.