The Smell step

Tinna Grönfeldt and Cooper Ducharme
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Cooper’s Brief:

The Smell Step is a shoe accessory that creates in others an association between a personalised scent and the wearer. With every step, a spray bottle on the shoe disperses a scent that is meaningful to the user to be smelled by those around the user. When someone who has spent time with the wearer encounters a natural occurrence of the smell, they will think of the wearer and understand why the smell was meaningful. The Smell Step consists of an upside-down spray bottle connected to one shoe with its lever connected to the other shoe by a length of string. When one foot moves forward to take a step, it pulls the lever, spraying scented mist into the air

Tinna's Brief:

The smell step is a shoe accessory that leaves the wearer’s presence, through scent, in a room to form a connection with the wearer and the people they encounter on a daily basis who over time will form a connection between the wearer and the scent. This forms a deeper connection with the wearer and also more vivid memories of the wearer in the minds of the people they’ve encountered. The scent has a personal connection to the wearer, through a memory or an experience they've gone through. The Smell Step transform the connection between the scent and memory for the wearer into a new memory of the wearer for people the wearer encounters on a daily basis.

The device attaches to the user's shoes and legs and is comprised of a spray bottle and string. The string is attached to the spray bottle lever and to one of the user's legs. When the leg moves forward it pulls the string triggering the lever of the spray bottle, causing the scented mist to be dispensed. The spray bottle is filled with water and essential oil which produces the smell.