Final Presentation - Uliana and Rosa

Rosa Boehm and Uliana Dukach
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The Brief : 

Rosa Boehm

Hoop Skirt 2.0 - A skirt with two layers: a disorderly, multi-colored bottom layer that embodies the chaos of a sandstorm, and a black satin top layer that can hide the chaos. 

The Sand Storm Skirt is a wearable that emulates the chaos of a sand storm while allowing the wearer to control the amount of chaos shown. The skirt consists of two contrasting layers : a top layer made of black satin to show modesty and calmness, and an under layer dyed different colors to represent disarray. This represents a sand storm by contrasting how different a sand storm can be from up close as oppose to being from a further perspective. The skirt shows this by having the wearer control what the viewer sees which shows the different perspectives people have on a sand storm. Furthermore this disparity gives the wearer a sense of power as they can choose to show more or less of the hidden design underneath.  Two strings attached to the sides of top layer of the skirt can be pulled up to reveal the chaotic scene underneath. Instead of having the satin strings drag on the floor, we attached them to the wearer by creating temporary suspenders that lift up the top layer of the skirt but when pulled on, reveal the underskirt. 

The Brief :

Uliana Dukach

The Hoop Skirt 2.0 is a two-layered skirt that shows the contrast between calmness and chaos.

The Hoop Skirt 2.0 skirt is designed to represent how something can look calm and composed on the outside, but on the inside be chaotic and crazy. Hoop SKirt 2.0 shows this contrast in the form of a two-layered skirt. The bottom layer is made out of muslin dyed orange, purple, blue and red and further stamped with colorful rectangles. The top fabric is made out of nine panels of black satin lined with thick interfacing for stiffness the panels are connected to each other by a plastic tube. The user lifts up the top skirt by pulling on some strings that attach to the plastic tube causing the panels to curl up to reveal the chaos of the bottom skirt. 

Poster - Rosa

Rosa Boehm
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