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Zoe Denbow

Meditation inspiration

Zoe Denbow and Sallie Chope
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Zoes Brief:
The Meditation Inspiration is an aesthetically pleasing light fixture that functions to inspire continuous meditation through a colorized tracker that allows the user to place their mood after meditation over the course of a week. If the project is used correctly, and the user completes the goal of meditating each day of the week, they will be rewarded by the beautiful lights shown and able to reflect on their mood over the past 7 days. 

The inspiration for this project was to motivate users to meditate. It is increasingly difficult to take time out of the busy day to just sit, reflect and be in-touch with one's inner emotions. The Meditation Inspiration Light Fixture is a way to constantly remind users to meditate while also providing a progress tracker to examine how meditation has effected a user's  mood. This project could help many people in need of meditation to realize its benefits. The fixture itself was a wooden cut circle, to represent the circle of life and a very important symbol in meditation, with 70 LED lights programed to change color when a knob on the side is spun. Once the user has chosen a color they believe represents their mood they hit the set button and the color sets to one of the seven quadrants in the circle to represent the day of the week. When the device has not been touched for 2 minutes it goes into a resting mode where it displays concentric circles with the LED lights. This project was created for a widespread audience and will hopefully be a useful new product for many. 

Sallies Brief 

A wall-mounted light fixture designed to motivate and track one's meditation practices. This device has two modes that give the user the ability to reflect on how their habits are reflecting them and watch an aesthetically pleasing light show. 

The Meditation Inspiration Light Fixture aims to motivate the user to finish a 7-day course of meditation. This circular hanging light fixture will light up a room and allow a user to input their emotional state after mediation, through setting a color, that they will previously set to equate to an emotion. During this open innovation period, my partner and I continued a project completed by two students in an earlier studio. We altered the original design by changing the goal to be entering your emotional state to be around meditation practice, changing the shape of the light to a circle, and incorporating more distinct color sections. When someone inputs their color, they are able to reflect on how meditation impacts their emotional state. By inputting this color,  the user is also able to track what days they have mediated, in order to keep it a consistent practice. With an acrylic cover, this tracker visually shows the user when they have missed a day.